6 Garage Renovation Ideas That Boost the Value of Your Home

Sure, you can look at the garage as a hub to keep cars, but with just a bit of garage renovation know-how, finishing an outdated or bare-basics shell of a space has serious benefits that provide more than additional storage. “A nice garage can boost the value of a house because it becomes a place with additional functionality instead of a disorganized space,” explains Candice Williams, a realtor at Coldwell Banker in Houston. She says the ROI on a garage renovation is typically between 64% to 81%.

“Because few homeowners take the time to improve their garage space, a home with improvements in the garage will stand out to buyers and increase the likelihood of multiple offers when it’s time to sell the property,” Williams continues. Depending on the location of the garage, it can also enhance curb appeal, making your home even more desirable.

Believe it or not, spending as little as $100 updating the garage can make a difference. Spend a bit more, and vroom! The transformation can take you to the (selling) finish line that much faster. Here, expert advice on garage renovation ideas—from epoxy floors to tricked out lighting to ultimate storage—for every budget.

For $100

Trust in paint to get your garage looking prim.

Photo: JodiJacobson

A fresh coat of paint can work wonders, and this extends to the garage. “It’s a great way to increase the perceived value of your garage and home,” says Heather Mastrangeli, principal designer at Innovatus Design in Downers Grove, Illinois. “Potential buyers will notice the fresh feeling a painted garage has, and it sets the tone for how the rest of the home has been maintained.”

To enhance the paint job, consider better lighting. Garages are notorious for having either dim or harsh lights. “If you replace those fluorescent lights with LED puck lights, you’ll no longer worry about changing light bulbs again,” says Jenn Smith, architect and designer in Chattanooga, Tennessee. And the brightly-lit space will automatically be more appealing.

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