Before you and your family start using your swimming pool, it’s essential to ensure that it’s in top condition. This involves cleaning, refilling, and setting up a maintenance schedule to keep it well-maintained. Knowing the specific maintenance requirements for your pool will help you and your family enjoy a safe swimming experience.

The Skimming Process is the First Step in Pool Maintenance

Some aspects of pool maintenance are easy to do, like skimming the surface of your pool water with a net. It might be easy to forget, so make it a habit to skim the water using a pool skimmer every time you use the pool or as part of your regular property maintenance.

Skimming helps keep leaves, litter, and other contaminants out of the water. Regular skimming can also reduce the likelihood of debris clogging up the pool’s filter system. Neglecting skimming can cause debris to sink to the bottom and create a dirty pool floor.

How to Remove Sediment with a Pool Brush

Regularly brushing the walls of your pool is an important part of pool maintenance. As a general rule, brush the walls once a week to remove debris, algae, and sediment. Don’t forget to also brush the ladders and other pool fixtures.

After brushing the pool surface, use the net to skim the water and remove any debris and sediment you may have loosened during the brushing process.

How to Clean a Pool with an Automatic Vacuum

Your pool skimming net might not capture small particles of algae or sediment, and you might miss some debris, resulting in a dirty pool floor. To address this, use a pool vacuum to remove unwanted contaminants and easily maintain your swimming pool.

There are three types of pool vacuums available:

1. Robotic Vacuum: The most energy-efficient model, as it doesn’t require connection to the pool’s filter system.

2. Pressure Vacuum: Connected to the filter system by a pressure line, this vacuum can be moved around the pool. It requires the pool pump to operate, as well as an additional booster pump.

3. Suction Vacuum: The cheapest vacuum option available, it connects to the suction port of the filter system and moves using the water flow.

The Circulation System in Your Swimming Pool

You are responsible for ensuring that the circulation system in your pool is working properly. The first step in pool maintenance is to run the pump every day. Running the pump for an adequate amount of time ensures proper water filtration.

Refer to the owner’s guide to determine how long you should run the pump. During this time, also clean out debris from pump strainers and drains.

A clogged circulation system can lead to reduced efficiency, increased wear and tear, and higher energy consumption.

Maintaining a Good pH Balance

Lastly, it’s crucial to ensure that your pool system adds the right amount of chemicals and chlorine to the water. These chemicals are essential for killing bacteria and reducing algae growth. Regularly test the pH balance during the week to keep it in check.

If you’re unsure how to add chemicals to your pool, consider hiring a company specializing in pool and hot-tub maintenance. Incorrect chemical dosages can be ineffective or even dangerous to swimmers. As you gain experience and become familiar with the filter system, you can handle the chemical maintenance on your own or continue using a maintenance service for a consistent and balanced pH level.

Find the Professional Pool Maintenance Service You Need in Florida

Many of the tasks involved in maintaining your pool can be handled by professionals.

Beach To Bay Divers & Pools has a team of experienced professionals who can keep your pool in top condition. As a licensed and insured pool maintenance company, we offer pool care and maintenance services. Call us or complete our online form today to schedule pool maintenance services.

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