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A bathroom is more than just a place to do your morning routine and answer nature’s calls. It’s a place for self-indulgence, respite and relaxation, and long and luxurious baths. If there’s one thing that can instantly transform a bathroom into a relaxing, rejuvenating haven, it’s foliage. Greens, whether in the form of a wall garden, hanging planters, creepers and vines, or glass-jar succulents, have a way of bringing life to a lifeless space. Look no further than this guide if you want to add some greenery to your bathroom. Go ahead and get inspired by these modern and luxurious plant-filled bathrooms.

Put Some Greens

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Petite pots in beige and black sit on staggered understated glass shelves in this petite bathroom bathed in golden sunlight. They effortlessly steal the limelight and create a sun-kissed display in an otherwise restrained grey-and-wood shell, burgeoning with long-stemmed blossoms. A complimentary planter on the window ledge further envelops the space in a light and airy floral embrace.

Choose A Skylit Retreat

A pair of lush green plants add a burst of vitality. The plants bask in the warm sunlight streaming in through the skylight above, weaving tactile, organic layers over the flawless finishes of the sink counter, glass partition, walls and floor. They infuse the space with raw earthiness.

Make A Canopy Garden

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So what if you don’t have enough planter surfaces? Instead, look at your walls. With a vibrant wall-hugging garden trellis and delightfully colored planters, this turquoise-and-tan bathroom is a lesson in aesthetic wall optimization. By mirroring the color and crisscross design on the cupboards under the sink, the trellis seamlessly integrates the garden feature into the decor.

Make A Courtyard Escape

Plants arranged along the edge of the ensuite courtyard conceal the louvered wall beyond, adding rustic charm to its straight lines and clean edges.

Make Magic In A Jar

Aesthetically arranged glass jars filled with houseplants can add playfulness and quirk to an ordinary bathroom. Houseplants in miniature glass jars look lovely in a brown and gray space, adding beautiful green energy to earth tones. A plant in the sink with its leaves stretched adds to the natural green aesthetic, while rosewood diffusers create a calming, spa-like atmosphere.

Bring In The Vines And The Vanilla

The hardwood flooring and fresh green creepers add a splash of cheery green to a daisy-toned bathroom. The vines are casually draped over the shower partition, adding a gentle, natural touch to the dramatic space, taming the corners and softening the edges.

Create A Summer Cocoon

A nature-inspired bathroom appears to be a dreamy summer retreat. The luminous space radiates a rugged vibe with its interaction of zingy green and soft white. The hero piece in the verdant display is a statement planter with a tall snake plant, while a clear vase with two long-stemmed plant brackets the sink on the other side, balancing the look.

Develop Living Walls

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This opulent vertical wall garden appears to have emerged from the depths of the Amazon rainforest. It gives a fresh and dewy appearance to the plain white bathroom, far removed from the trappings of an urban jungle.

Below is a list of the best houseplants that make your bathroom look alive and give a natural vibe to the room.


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For a variety of reasons, bathrooms can be ideal for growing orchids. First, these plants require indirect sunlight, which is typically found in most bathrooms. The second reason is that bathrooms can be humid and misty, which is what orchids prefer.

Golden Pothos

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These houseplants are extremely common, and you may already have one. Their bright green leaves and dangling vines make them popular for use in hanging pots or areas where cascading leaves are desired. It’s very easy to grow, which is why it’s so common, and it thrives in the conditions found in most bathrooms.

Because the plant dislikes direct sunlight and dryness, it thrives in a moist environment with indirect light. In fact, pothos is one of the plant types that you can hang in the shower and it will thrive.

Spider Plants

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Spider plants are another low-care plant that can thrive in the bathroom. They thrive in low light and should be kept away from direct sunlight. They will also enjoy some humidity. Watering them once or twice a week is sufficient, but they will also be content hanging in a shower.

These plants are also said to filter the air, removing pollutants such as carbon monoxide. Even better, spider plants produce buds or “spiderettes” at the tips of their stems, which can be cut off and propagated. Spider plants are ideal for people who have had little success with houseplants because they are so difficult to kill.


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These blooms are more durable than most other types of blossoms and add color to the bathroom. While these are best grown in a greenhouse, they can also be grown in the bathroom if there is bright but indirect light. A grow light can solve the problem of no windows or very low light levels. Because their natural habitat is on the forest floor, some bromeliad varieties grow better in low light than others. Whatever type you choose, make sure the bathroom has plenty of humidity for these plants to thrive.

aloe vera

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Aloe Vera is a succulent plant that has become popular as an ornamental plant. Although it requires some sunlight, the aloe plant can burn if exposed to too much sunlight, making it an excellent choice for bathrooms. It doesn’t require a lot of water to survive, so the humidity should be just right.

The Bamboo Plant

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Bamboos are among the fastest-growing plants on the planet, so keep this in mind if you intend to use it as an ornamental species. Bamboo plant growth can be controlled in a variety of ways. You could, for example, surround them with a physical barrier. You can also manipulate their shape to create a variety of interesting designs.

Snake Plant

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The snake plant, also known as law’s mother-in-tongue (guess why) or Saint George’s sword, is a flowering plant that requires little light and water to survive. It makes an excellent corner plant as well as an excellent air purifier. It is popular as an ornamental plant in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Vertical Planter

If you truly want your bathroom to resemble a spa, you’ll need more than just a small potted plant. You might want to think about installing a vertical planter or a green wall. You can, for example, use the wall adjacent to the tub, although the warmth may be too much for some species, so choose carefully. Such a feature requires constant monitoring and care.

Hanging Plants

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Hanging plants are popular and well-liked because they are among the most functional. A hanging plant can save a lot of space if you hang it from the ceiling or from a hook. Experiment with different ways to display hanging plants in your bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use some of the tips given above to decorate your bathroom with plants.

Some of the plants that can be placed in your bathroom are:

  1. Spider plants

  2. Aloe vera plant

  3. Bamboo plants

  4. Orchid plants

  5. Snake plant

The best plant to have in your bathroom is the snake plant. It is a flowering plant that requires little light and water to survive. It makes an excellent corner plant as well as an excellent air purifier. It is popular as an ornamental plant in both indoor and outdoor settings.

They’ll do well on a bathroom shelf, where they can enjoy the humidity. Give it bright light, and let it dry out slightly between waterings.

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