Lennox renews program to help fund home renovations

SIOUX FALLS, SD (Dakota News Now) – Summer is a great time to make those home improvements you’ve been thinking about all winter. The town of Lennox is making it easier to get started.

With the Home Incentive Improvement Program, homeowners can earn up to 25% of their exterior renovations paid for.

Getting around to completing home renovations can be costly.

“Every year, I’ve been posting it off and on,” said Dick Moser, a Lennox resident.

But Lennox residents now have the opportunity to receive up to $10,000 to help.

“So, I got rolling and had the windows and the siding replaced,” Moser said.

The Lennox Area Development Corporation launched its Home Improvement Incentive Program last year, giving out $40,000 to qualifying homeowners.

“The program is really there for two reasons,” said Ryan Solberg, an economic development specialist. “One is just to keep up the curb appeal of the town. When you’re driving through town, and you’re thinking about moving here or you’re thinking about having a business here, the curb appeal of the home is really something that you judge your investment on, if it’s going to be a good investment to settle in this community. And then also making sure that our existing homes are in good repair to benefit existing residents and then also future residents who might be looking for their first home.”

Enrollment is open now, and approved homeowners can put their allocation toward anything on the exterior of their house.

“It’ll be siding, windows, fresh coat of paint, shingles — you name it, we probably cover it.”

As interest in small-town living grows, the incentive program ensures that Lennox is ready to grow with it, breathing new life into a community and restoring pride in little things.

“I think it beautifies the community a little better — it makes it look a lot nicer. So it’s a little better impression on people who are wanting to move into town.”

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