Reddit users divided over resident’s message to neighbors over house renovations

A homeowner in the US has left a bizarre message to their neighbors on the front lawn, sparking a fierce debate on social media.

Someone in the neighborhood posted a picture of the message on Reddit, receiving thousands of comments from people shocked by the action.

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“Neighbor is letting the neighborhood weigh in on their house color,” the Reddit user wrote in the caption of the post.

As they complete their renovations on their house, the residents have put it for the people to decide which color the neighbors want the house to be painted.

A sign was hammered into the front lawn, asking the neighborhood to cast their votes.

“Hey neighbors! Thanks for your patience!” the sign read.

“Which color do you like? Vote here.”

Next to the sign was a piece of cardboard, a pen attached to the top, painted in three different colors.

The neighbors cast their votes by adding a tally point on the color they like the most, helping the resident choose the final color of the house.

A neighbor’s crafty sign, polling which color their neighbors prefer for their house. credits: Reddit

Some people on Reddit thought the homeowner’s act was genius.

“Brilliant,” wrote one person.

“This is great!” said another.

“This is how you pick a color, cheat on the poll to make sure your choice wins, and then blame the neighborhood if people think your house is a bad color,” another commented.

Others were left scratching their heads over the purpose of the poll.

“Man some people have boring lives. I can’t imagine caring enough,” said one person.

“Too much work,” someone wrote.

“Better to just pick a decent color rather than letting your neighbors decide, because now it’s going to give them something to complain about,” a third said.

Baby names

The color of your house is a big decision to let others decide for you – but would you let people decide the name of your baby?

A Reddit user shared a similar story in the comment section of the post, where his old boss let his workers decide what to name his baby.

“When I was in college I had a really sh**** boss with a pregnant wife,” they wrote.

“They were doing an online tally for the name of their baby so that their families across the country could weigh in, just a fun game eliminating one name every week.

“I must have dedicated hours to vote for the name I knew he disliked most, it ended up winning at the end and I feel very proud of myself.”

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