Regina’s Dewdney Avenue strip to be renovated

The Dewdney Avenue strip between Broad Street and Albert Street is about to undergo a major two year renovation project.

The City of Regina held an open house on Tuesday evening to provide all the details as to how the project will unfold.

Aging underground infrastructure will be replaced, including water and sewer pipes that are up to 100 years old. Power and phone lines, along with natural gas pipes will also be replaced.

As the surface is rebuilt, Dewdney Avenue will be widened to make way for a multi-use pathway on the south side. The north side will have space for sidewalk cafes.

Center medians will be installed to give pedestrians greater safety. The city’s plan is to ensure area businesses will be able to remain open.

Kim Onrait, executive director of citizen services for the City of Regina, said there will be access to businesses as well as two-way traffic on Dewdney.

“Dewdney is broken into different segments along Dewdney Avenue, so the construction plan is not going to rip all of Dewdney up at one time. It will be done in sections, so that the disruption is actually kept to a minimum,” he said.

The city’s share of the cost is about $18 million. The new pipes being installed will be larger, allowing for future growth in the area.

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