TikTok’s Latest Interior Design Trend Is Loud and Maximalist

  • ‘Dopamine decor’ is the latest interior design trend on TikTok.
  • Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that can offer a sense of pleasure.
  • The design trend often features fun, whimsical elements that aim to spark a rush of dopamine.

Bright colors, clashing patterns, and full-on maximalism are just a few of the defining features spotted within the latest interior design trend making its rounds on TikTok.

Known as “dopamine decor,” this interior design style is different from the various minimalist styles that have been popular in recent decades. The key element behind the dopamine decor is filling the house with anything colorful and fun that sparks joy, even if it all clashes aesthetically.

TikTok creator and interior designer Laura Hall, known as @thehexagonalhouse on the platform, posted a video that shows her applying the design to her home, gathering over 37,000 views, as of May 4.

Bright colors cover every surface of the interior, wallpapers with intricate floral patterns line the walls, and vintage furniture fills the rooms — there is not a single dull corner in the house.

“It might not be for everyone but adding color to my home brings me so much joy — a real hit of dopamine,” reads the caption on her video, and many users have left supportive comments gushing over the design.

“I can’t wait to have my own space to decorate all colorfully like this” read a comment. “I love every bit of it. So cozy,” read another.

Several other TikTokers have also begun sharing their dopamine decorations. TikToker @foreveryoursbetty shared a video of her rendition, which gathered over 20,000 likes as of May 4.

Dopamine decor can seem over-the-top to some, especially since quiet, minimalist designs like mid-century modern and Japandi have been dominating the industry for years.

But the seemingly random design style actually has a hidden thoughtful element to it.

“Dopamine decor is all about your home so you feel good, surrounding yourself with feel-good colors and objects,” Hall told Insider.

“For me, it’s about adding color, collecting things like vintage ceramics, adding quirky items around the place, lots of joyful colors and patterns,” said the 38-year-old.

The shared hall that she has always decorated her home this way, but it’s only recently that she got a name for it.

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