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From 2019 to 2021, US homeowners spent approximately $624 billion on home improvement projects. That means home improvement companies have a huge opportunity to find potential customers. However, with so many businesses out there providing these services, it is often difficult to compete.

In my experience helping home improvement companies generate leads, though, I’ve noticed that many are still using outdated methods. Getting more leads than your competitors might be as simple as adapting to the latest developments in the business world.

Read on to learn all about powerful strategies for generating more leads.

Find Home Improvement Leads On Social Media

Many kinds of businesses use social media to find potential customers, and this can work for generating home improvement leads too. These days, most home improvement companies at least have a Facebook page, but if you want to keep your company growing, you may need to develop a more influential social media presence. Consider looking at a list of the biggest social media platforms that people are using today. Then try creating a simple business account on several of the largest ones.

Focus on those platforms that attract users from your target market. For example, although TikTok is popular, it tends to attract younger users. That means that it may not be a priority for you.

I’ve found that some home improvement companies don’t want to manage many social media platforms at the same time. However, you only have to experiment with one new platform at a time. Create an account and start posting some content and trying to attract an audience. If it turns out that the first platform you try doesn’t generate many leads for you, you can always move on to the next one. Once you have tried out several new platforms, you will figure out which ones benefit your lead acquisition strategy the most.

Build Up Positive Customer Reviews

Potential customers are much more likely to reach out to you if you make a point to earn as many positive reviews and ratings as possible. So how can you do this? At the very least, you can ask satisfied customers to leave you a review on whichever platform you want reviews on.

Some businesses make the mistake of spreading out their positive reviews evenly among all of their social media platforms and other online company pages. However, having one positive review on each of your accounts may not attract many customers. On the other hand, having 10 positive reviews on one platform can generate more leads even if you have no reviews on your other accounts.

For that reason, I recommend focusing on earning ratings and reviews on a single platform at a time. This strategy has helped many of our clients across industries to generate leads, so it can help you get home improvement leads as well.

Incentivize Customers To Refer You To Others

Some companies invest in expensive marketing strategies like pay-per-lead techniques. This strategy is often profitable. But you may be able to generate the home improvement leads you need without spending much money at all. For example, you can offer discounts on some of your services or extra perks if customers refer you to other potential customers. This way, your customers will have a good reason to recommend that someone reach out to you for their home improvement needs.

Think about any service you can provide at a low cost that will provide a lot of value for your customers. That might be the right service to offer in exchange for referrals. You can even offer the same discount or perks to new customers that your old customers refer to you.

Join Networking Communities

One of the great things about networking communities is that they can help everyone enjoy a win-win situation. You might know people who would be interested in the services of other companies, and they might know people who would be interested in your home improvement services.

You can often find networking communities online and near you. Consider attending at least one networking meeting in your geographical area so that you can decide whether it is worth your time. When it comes to online networking communities, consider joining a wide variety of them.

Final Thoughts

I hope these strategies for generating home improvement leads are helpful to you. If you have earned leads in the past by using the same few techniques, you might find new success by experimenting with something new. As the world of business becomes more digital, it is more important than ever to update old methods.

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